Our Story


Tesseract Games was born from unfortunate circumstances encountered by me, Nick, a Graphic Designer of 15 years, after having been made redundant from my job in December 2019. This was the third redundancy in my career and whilst there is never a ‘good time’ to be made redundant, it turned out that December was really bad! The job market was quiet and just as I began hearing back from applications in February and with two interviews lined up, the world was shocked by COVID-19 and everything went into lockdown. The interviews were postponed indefinately. To top this, I was about two weeks away from meeting my first child and so my wife was starting maternity leave with reduced pay.

With the job market looking sparse for the foreseeable future, I decided to put some card game dividers I created up on the online marketplace 'Etsy' to see if they would sell in the hope of helping bring something in for the family whilst I applied for jobs and changed nappies. The community response has been amazing and I’ve received such kind responses and feedback that I am now working on building Tesseract Games full time, expanding the divider range and introducing new products that cater to boardgame and cardgame enthusiasts.

My focus is simple: create beautiful and practical storage solutions to large format card games and boardgames. I want to help you get the game to the table as quickly and efficiently as possible and if that can be done with style and flair then all the better! I am excited to see where this small home run company ends up and hope you can join me for the journey! Your support in purchasing a Tesseract Games product is massively appreciated.

An excited board game and card game enthusiast,