Campaign & Return To Cycle Sets - Arkham Horror

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Sean C

Excellent quality and fantastic customer service. Tesseract is my ‘go to’ for all things gaming accessory related. Everyone should be supporting independent creators like this! Keep up the great work.

Jason Hoschouer

Beautifully made and the best part is the ease of getting the game to the table with more regularity. In addition, stowing the cards is as simple as separating and returning them to their respective divider. Will definitely be picking up the character dividers next!

Scenario & Encounter Dividers for;

The Night of the Zealot 

  • 17 dividers; 1 Campaign, 3 Scenario & 13 Encounter 
  • View our gallery here for visual examples (vertical orientation).

Return to The Night of the Zealot 

  • 7 dividers; 1 Campaign, 3 Scenario & 3 Encounter

The Dunwich Legacy 

  • 19 dividers; 1 Campaign, 8 Scenario & 10 Encounter 

Return to The Dunwich Legacy 

  • 15 dividers; 1 Campaign, 8 Scenario & 5 Encounter

The Path to Carcosa & Return To 

  • 18 dividers; 1 Campaign, 8 Scenario & 9 Encounter

 Return to The Path to Carcosa

  • 14 dividers; 1 Campaign, 8 Scenario & 5 Encounter

The Forgotten Age

  • 25 dividers; 1 Campaign, 10 Scenario & 14 Encounter

Return to The Forgotten Age

  • 19 dividers; 1 Campaign, 10 Scenario & 8 Encounter

The Circle Undone & Return To 

  • 23 dividers; 1 Campaign, 9 Scenario & 13 Encounter

Return to The Circle Undone 

  • 17 dividers; 1 Campaign, 9 Scenario & 7 Encounter

The Dream-Eaters

  • 21 dividers; 1 Campaign, 8 Scenario & 12 Encounter

The Innsmouth Conspiracy

  • 19 dividers; 1 Campaign, 8 Scenario & 11 Encounter

The Edge of the Earth

  • 25 dividers; 1 Campaign, 5 Scenario & 19 Encounter

Vertical: 101mm H x 64mm W
Horizontal: 81mm H x 87mm W - These fit nicely into the 'Return To' boxes. Recently printed stock comes with perforation so you can easily trim your dividers down to around 73mm. This allows the dividers to be used in the new 'Revised' campaign boxes. If you are sent older stock then the perforation will not be present but we'll trim them down for you if you select the option that says you intend to use them in the new boxes.

Whilst our Arkham horror dividers come with matte lamination on both sides and are already quite sturdy, for added protection you might want to sleeve your divider sets if you access your collection frequently.

Verticals - We recommend Mayday Premium Gold 65mm x 100mm
Horizontals - We recommend Mayday Premium Magnum Oversized Dungeon Sleeves but they will need trimming down in height from 112mm to 81mm. Or if you want to just protect the top of the divider Dragon Shield Clear Perfect Fit Side Loaders work great.

Our 'HORRIFIC' range of Arkham Horror LCG Dividers come with a twist to help you organise your campaign cards for the game. The campaign and scenario dividers have unique artwork on each side. A 'Dark' side, full of tentacles and creeping shadows for when a scenario hasn't been completed, and a 'Light' side with brighter artwork a few stars and no nasty tentacles to indicate the scenario has been completed (and hopefully with a good resolution, maybe those tentacles should remain if not!?) Or you can just use whichever side you prefer.

Please note we are the designer and creator of these dividers, they are not an official FFG product.


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