Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Dividers Releasing Next Week

Today we take a look at next weeks releases for Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. This behemoth of a game comes with masses of content and if you've a large collection then organising it with our dividers will help you get the game to the table much quicker (and hopefully make it look cool too). All our dividers are thick card stock, double-sided with unique artwork on each side (not the player cards though, they have the same artwork on each side) and matte lamination that is applied with adhesive for long term durability. Horizontal versions of the dividers will be available later in the year after we have launched a new storage solution. More on that in the next few weeks! (please consider signing up to our newsletter to keep up to date (bottom of the page)) Unique artwork on each side

Here is an overview of what will be on offer;

Player Card Sets
We've 2 options here, a small 30 piece 'Ranger' set for players with a low player card count and the 'King' set which offers a whopping 79 dividers to organise the wide array of player cards. The bulk of the 'King' set is made up of the 'Allies', 'Attachments' & 'Events' dividers at 0, 1, 2 and 3+ XP levels for each sphere.

Campaign Cycle & Saga Sets 
We'll offer all campaign & saga sets individually and also offer a bundle with a slight discount.

Nightmare Deck Sets
We'll offer all Nightmare sets individually and also offer a bundle with a slight discount.

Stand-Alone & Custom Scenario Kit Set
This single set will cover all 14 stand-alone scenarios and custom content kits.

Limited Edition Two Player Starter Set
This set covers the Limited Edition Two Player Starter Set

Doom Set - 427 piece All-In Option
1.2kg of dividers. It will include every product available listed above, including the 'King' player card set. It's perfect if you've a complete collection or are close to completion. It will come with the largest discount of all our bundles.

We'll announce when these go live next week over on our facebook page and other social media channels.

Do you like what you see? Anything missing? Let us know and we'll get it made.

Happy gaming,