Divider Subscription Service


Purchasing this product will charge you immediately for the upcoming set
The Mad Titans Shadow + Monthly Release Phase 4 
The price of future sets may change depending on the size of the set but in general is between 20-30 dividers which will cost between £8-11. We will only ever charge you at a 'fixed price per divider'. If we ever change our 'per divider' costs we will inform you and offer you the chance to cancel.

You will recieve all dividers for the next campaign box and monthly hero releases that take you up to the following campaign box. If for some reason we cannot

This subscription service will automatically ship you the next divider set and each subsequent divider set ONLY. Customers cannot add different items to this subscription and customers cannot combine the shipment of multiple subscriptions. If you wish to purchase other products they will have to be sent seperately to any subscription products.

SUBSCRIPTION Our subscription service offer peace of mind that you will recieve all future divider sets for a game as quickly as possible with minimal effort on your part. Once we have designed and printed the next set we will charge your card and ship to the address on file at the time you purchased the subscription. You can update this information or cancel at any time. There are no hidden fee's or activation charges.