'The Encounter Files' Marvel Champions Campaign Log Book

'The Encounter Files' Marvel Champions Campaign Log Book

'The Encounter Files' Campaign Log Book was created as we found ourselves wanting a thematic document to record our Marvel Champions campaign progress. It can also serve as a game by game recording document. Record as much or as little as you want and record during or after gameplay, it's totally up to you!


  • A 56 page thematic log book. 
  • Guide and written example pages in the rear of the book.
  • Multiple options to record information (examples shown in the back of the book)
    • 1 Page per Campaign (51 campaigns total)
    • 1 Page per Game session (10 campaigns total if each campaign is 5 games)
  • 'Completion Table'; Double-sided, A3, fold-out sheet to record which Heroes have been used to defeat each Villain at each difficulty up to Heroic 3. Use coloured pens to also record which Aspect was used.
  • 'Notes' page at the rear of the book


  • Campaign name and scenario number (if relevant)
  • Date the campaign/scenario took place
  • Difficulty of campaign/scenario
  • Identity used
  • Notes section per player
  • HP remaining at session end
  • 3 stat trackers per player to record anything from 'Minions Eliminated' to 'Side Schemes Removed' if you want to see how high you can go with each Hero! Or use them for campaign specific recording such as the 'Number of delay counters on main scheme' in scenario 2 of the Rise of Red Skull campaign.
  • Scenario notes section
  • Round tracker; see how quickly you can defeat the villain
  • Victory or defeat marker
  • Campaign/scenario and hero deck ranking tables

We hope you can look back on the campaigns and individual games recorded in this book and remember those fantastic moments of heroic wonder with a bit more fidelity than usual. 

This product is designed and produced by Tesseract Games and is not an official FFG / Marvel product. All artwork is original.

Remember you are free to use the book as you wish, we just offer some examples of how to fill it out.

muamer klaic
raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

Simply amazing,creative,great detail for game,love all about it,quality top notch! GREAT JOB!

raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

My wife and I love using this to track our games! It's a great way for us to track fun stuff too, like how many time in 1 turn can I ready Quicksilver? Love the design and the feel of the book.

raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

I was really surprised in how nice the booklet was. It has a premium feel to it and looks great. There were no shortcuts to the log book and once this one of filled I will be buying another one

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