'Expansions' Set - A Game of Thrones (2nd Edition)

Stephen hayes

Absolutely stunning artwork. Brilliant addition to the Game of Thrones lcg 2nd edition Just can't wait. What a team Tesseract are. Amazing guys.

Tesseract Games

52 Dividers covering the deluxe expansions, premium packs and monthly cycle packs of the game for those who like to sort their cards by product release.


  • Core Set

    Deluxe Expansions
  • Wolves Of The North
  • Lions Of Casterly Rock
  • Watchers On The Wall
  • House Of Thorns
  • Sands Of Dorne
  • Kings Of The Isles
  • Fury Of The Storm
  • Dragons Of The East

    Premium Packs
  • The Things We Do For Love

    Cycle Packs
  • Westeros Cycle
  • Taking The Black
  • The Road To Winterfell
  • The King’s Peace
  • No Middle Ground
  • Calm Over Westeros
  • True Steel

  • War Of Five Kings Cycle
  • Across The Seven Kingdoms
  • Called To Arms
  • For Family Honor
  • There Is My Claim
  • Ghosts Of Harrenhal
  • Tyrion’s Chain

  • Blood And Gold Cycle
  • All Men Are Fools
  • Guarding The Realm
  • The Fall Of Astapor
  • The Red Wedding
  • Oberyn’s Revenge
  • The Brotherhood Without Banners

  • Flight Of Crows Cycle
  • The Archmaester’s Key
  • Journey To Oldtown
  • Kingsmoot
  • Favor Of The Old Gods
  • The Faith Militant
  • Someone Always Tells

  • Dance Of Shadows Cycle
  • The Shadow City
  • The March On Winterfell
  • Streets Of King’s Landing
  • Music Of Dragons
  • In Daznak’s Pit
  • Daggers In The Dark

  • King’s Landing Cycle
  • At The Gates
  • City Of Secrets
  • Pit Of Snakes
  • Beneath The Red Keep
  • The Blackwater
  • Long May He Reign


Vertical Orientation: 101mm H* x 64mm W
Horizontal Orientation: 81mm H* x 87mm W

*please note there is around a 1-2mm tolerance on the height of our dividers due to the way they are manufactured.


These products are a third party, unofficial game accessory. All trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Tesseract Games.

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For added protection you might want to sleeve your divider sets.

Vertical Orientation: 
We recommend Mayday Premium Gold 65mm x 100mm 

Horizontal Orientation: 
We recommend Mayday Premium Magnum Oversized Dungeon Sleeves but they will need trimming down in height from 112mm to 81mm.