First Age - Custom Content - The Lord of the Rings

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First Age - Custom Content - The Lord of the Rings


  • 1 Campaign Divider
  • 7 Scenario Dividers (includes Doom Mastered scenarios)
  • 4 Mastery Dividers - Allies, Attachments, Heroes & Events

Verticals are 101mm H x 64mm W
Horizontals are 81mm H x 87mm W

Whilst our Lord of the Rings dividers come matte laminated and are quite sturdy already, if you frequently access your collection you might want to sleeve your divider sets for added protection.

Verticals - We recommend Mayday Premium Gold 65mm x 100mm
Horizontals - We recommend Mayday Premium Magnum Oversized Dungeon Sleeves but they will need trimming down in height from 112mm to 81mm. Or if you want to just protect the top of the divider Dragon Shield Clear Perfect Fit Side Loaders work great.

Please note we are the designer and creator of these dividers, they are not an official FFG product.

Featuring unique artwork on each side our Lord of the Rings: The Card Game dividers can be placed into your collection on their 'Dark' side and then flipped to their 'Light' side once you complete the scenario. This allows you to see your campaign progress at a glance when you open your box. Or you can just use whichever side you prefer! Scenarios that have an official or a community voted difficulty rating also show this in the form of subtle pips underneath the central title bar.


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