Investigators Journal (Minor Defect) - Arkham Horror

Investigators Journal (Minor Defect) - Arkham Horror

This product has a slight lamination defect and fraying on the covers. In every other aspect it is fine.

The Campaign Log Series was created as we found ourselves wanting a thematic document to record our Arkham Horror LCG campaign progress; the Investigators Journal fufills this whilst offering the chance to record much much more. With Arkham Horror being such a narrative game we also loved the idea of being able to look back on the campaigns we had played and be able to recall the special moments this game creates with a bit more 'colour'.


  • A 68 page book. Enough for 12 Campaigns at 1/2 players and 6 campaigns at 3/4 players
  • Each campaign spans 10 pages: 1 Campaign Overview page > 8 scenario pages > 1 Campaign Summary page
  • Contents page - Starting blank you record your campaigns and fill out the contents page as you go. This is your story to tell!
  • Completion Table - Record which campaigns, stand-alone scenarios and custom content you have completed and at which difficulty
  • Enough pages for 8 Stand-Alone scenarios at 1/2 players or 4 Stand-Alone scenarios at 3/4 players
  • 1 leaflet showing how the booklet can be filled out which you can view here


  • Campaign Notes
  • Date the campaign/scenario took place
  • Difficulty of campaign/scenario
  • Lead Investigator for each scenario
  • Elite and Non-Elite Kills
  • Clues discovered
  • XP gained
  • Player cards bought with XP and the cards swapped out
  • Memorable Moments and Deck Construction Notes
  • Scenario, Campaign and Investigator/Deck Ranking tables - Rate how you felt the campaign/scenario went, how much fun it was and how difficult it was!

We hope you can look back on the campaigns recorded in these bookles and remember those fantastic moments of dread and horror with a bit more fidelity than usual. 

Whilst a guide is inlcuded with this booklet, you are free to use the booklets as you wish!

Check out our Investigators Handbook in our store if you just want to record basic information about your campaigns.

This product is designed and produced by Tesseract Games and is not an official FFG product. All artwork is original.


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