Marvel Champions Expansion Box - Black Wood Insert

Phil Steadman

As a completest of Marvel Champions, things have been getting out of control. Using the standard boxes and cardboard that comes with the expansions is okay, but it was getting desperate. I wasn't sure about inserts like this, but they're great. Quality is excellent, with a matt black finish. Constructions was quick and (relatively) painless with some Gorilla Wood glue and masking tape. They fit the box absolutely perfectly. It's made the box sturdier, which is great. Best of all, the dividers stop my cards from sliding down now - which was a major pain before. Great product and well worth the money. Now I just need another 3 (I bought 2) for other expansions and then the main box insert too!

Tesseract Games

Compatible with Marvel Champions expansion boxes that measure roughly 200 x 200 x 70mm. This insert maximises the internal space for card storage. Pair this insert with our premium divider sets to get your game to the table in record time.


  • 2 sheets of black laser cut 3mm MDF making:
    • A 2 card channel box insert
    • 8 wooden dividers
  • 1 instruction leaflet
  • 1 black card inlay sheet

The insert requires assembly, which is easy and only requires ordinary PVA glue/wood glue. Masking tape will also help in the building and drying process.


  •   Good quality PVA or strong wood glue, ideally with a thin 2-3mm dispenser tip, a bit like a ketchup bottle or similar.
  •   A flat surface and a mat or something to protect your table (PVA Glue is water soluble and can be removed with a bit of elbow grease and a damp cloth but better to not get it everywhere in the first place as my wife keeps telling me!).
  •   Some patience :)


  •   Masking tape.
  •   A paint brush to level out glue (large brush is good, around 8mm width is what I use, or you can use your fingers).
  •   A pot of water to clean your brush.
  •   Kitchen towel or cloth to wipe up excess glue, soak excess water from your brush and clean up mess.

Any questions, just ask!


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