Rise of Red Skull + Monthly Release Phase 2 - Marvel Champions

Rise of Red Skull + Monthly Release Phase 2 - Marvel Champions

The second divider set in our Marvel Champions divider product line contains everything you need to organise your collection from The Rise of Red Skull Campaign Box to the end of Monthly Release Phase 2 (Kang > Scarlett Witch). We also include a divider for the free to download Print & Play Ronan the Accuser (Kree Fanatic) modular set.

A 23 divider set containing:

  • 13 Dividers: 
    • Rise of Red Skull: Hydra Campaign, Rise of Red Skull: Expert 
    • Heroes Hawkeye, Spider-Woman
    • Villains Red Skull, Crossbones, Zola, Taskmaster, Absorbing Man
    • Encounter Sets Hydra Patrol, Hydra Assault, Weapon Master, Experimental Weapons

      + Monthly Release Phase 2

  • 10Dividers: 
    • Heroes Ant-Man, Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch,
    • Villain Kang, Kang Expert
    • Encounter Sets Anachronauts, Master of Time, Temporal
    • Print & Play Content Kree Fanatic (Ronan The Accuser) - Link to download

For a small discount on buying all currently available sets together look for our "Heroic Bundle" sets in our store.

Vertical - 101mm H x 64mm W - They do not fit the original Marvel Champions box but fit perfectly into our Infinity Box.
Horizontal - are 81mm H x 87mm W - It has come to our attention that many people are (understandably) putting as much content into the core box as possible. This will result in our 81mm height divider standing up straight and causing about 7-8mm box lid lift. If you would like to compensate for this as you plan to use the Core Box and Campaign boxes moving forward please note that you will have to trim your Horizontal dividers. We include a perforated line on the Horiztonal dividers which you can simply fold forward, backwards and then tear off (or follow with scissors) bringing the divider to a size more compatable with these boxes. Don't worry too much about a clean edge as it won't be visible. If you have any issues send us a message and we’ll replace any dividers you accidentally mess up.

If everything for a Campaign and Monthly Release Phase is officially announced in time I will combine those into one large set for convienence as we have done with this set. If that doesn't happen, sets listed will be split into 'Campaign' and 'Phase' sets detailed below;

A Campaign set will include everything in a Campaign box and also some blank dividers with space to write the names of the heroes and villains in the 'Phase' following that Campaign box (if required). 

A 'Phase' is defined as everything released between Campaign boxes (the monthly releases). Once all content in a Phase is announced/released I will create a proper set for that Phase for you to replace your blank/handwritten dividers that were included in the previous Campaign set. 

For added protection you might want to sleeve your divider sets.
Verticals - We recommend Mayday Premium Gold 65mm x 100mm
Horizontals - We recommend Mayday Premium Magnum Oversized Dungeon Sleeves but they will need trimming down in height from 112mm to 81mm. 

Please note we are the designers and creators of these dividers, they are not an official FFG product.


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