Self-Build Token Storage Box - Set of 3

Sam Wetherden

Very good storage solution for my tokens that fit perfectly into the top shelf of the Infinity Box. Easy to put together, with the option to customise the number of dividing section you need for individual tokens. So far I've put together 6 and would happily buy more as my tokens increase.

Mark Thomas

Nice, good quality and cheap. These fitted nicely into my card storage box. Easy to put together, although I did have to trim the plastic lid bumps slightly with a razor blade as they were slightly to wide to slide into the boxes to secure in the retaining slots.

You will have to build this product yourself. It is incredibly easy and will take about 15-20 minutes (per 3 boxes) and only requires PVA glue (although we recommend the use of masking tape to help things bond).

This is a listing for 3 token storage boxes. 

This product does fit into our Infinity Box card channels. You can stack 3 on top of each other and fit 12 total in 1 card channel. Instructions included. They do not fit into the top tray of the Infinity Box but do fit into the card channels.

Shipping will be refunded entirely if bought with an Infinity Box. If you buy a Pre-Built Infinity Box, these will NOT come built.

We will refund postage overages.

W 68.4mm  x L 111mm x H 23mm
2mm plain MDF
2mm clear acrylic lid


  •   Good quality PVA or strong wood glue, ideally with a thin 2-3mm dispenser tip, a bit like a ketchup bottle or similar.
  •   A flat surface and a mat or something to protect your table (PVA Glue is water soluble and can be removed with a bit of elbow grease and a damp cloth but better to not get it everywhere in the first place as my wife keeps telling me!).
  •   About 15 minutes building time + few hours drying time.
  •   Some patience :)


  •   Masking tape.
  •   A paint brush to level out glue (large brush is good, around 8mm width is what I use, or you can use your fingers).
  •   A pot of water to clean your brush.
  •   Kitchen towel or cloth to wipe up excess glue, soak excess water from your brush and clean up mess.

Any questions, just ask!

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