Super Villain Replacement Pack - Marvel United

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Super Villain Replacement Pack - Marvel United

Double-sided, gloss laminated dividers to help organize your Marvel United collection. 

Once X-Men content for Marvel United was released the publisher also released a Super Villain Mode of play where 1 player takes control of the Villain. When playing this mode Heroes start with numerous ability tokens. This pack of dividers shows which tokens and special rules are required on the reverse of the villain divider. This set covers all below expansions. All X-Men related content will come with this information already on the Villain dividers.

Because this is a replacement pack for many dividers which people already own, and by which is by no means essential, the product is already discounted.

A 29 divider set containing all Villains from the below expansions with 'Super Villain' mode stats/statistics on the reverse side:

  • Core Box
  • Promo Box 1 (stretch goal box)
  • Tales of Asgard
  • Rise of the Black Panther
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Re-mix
  • Enter the Spider-verse
  • Sinister Six

Verticals are 98mm H x 64mm W
Horizontals are 74mm H x 87mm W

Please note I am the designer and creator of these dividers, they are not an official CMON/Marvel product. All artwork is original.



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