The Infinity Box Pre-Built - BLACK is on BACK ORDER shipping March

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The Infinity Box Pre-Built - BLACK is on BACK ORDER shipping March


*White version comes with slightly shallower top tray. Our token boxes will not fit in this but will fit into the card channels as usual.

We will require a phone number for the courier booking, please add this at checkout or message us seperately.

This product is made to order and will take 1-2 weeks to dispatch.

This listing is for our Infinity Box to arrive to you already built. No assembly required. If you add Token Storage Boxes these DO NOT COME BUILT, you will have to build them (they are very easy to build, only PVA required).

The Infinity Box is our solution to large card game storage. Be it Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror The Card Game, The Legendary Series, Pokémon, Aeons End, Keyforge or Warhammer Underworlds this box will keep your collection together with room for additional cards as the game grows.


  •     Un-sleeved capacity (using FFG LCG cards) = 6,564
  •     Sleeved capacity (90 micron) = 4,884
  •     32 MDF dividers (our latest 'Dobby' design)
  •     Internal Dimensions: 340 W x 440 L x 120 H (mm)
  •     External Dimensions: 350 W x 450 L x 135 H (mm)
  •     Enough depth to store standard american card game cards fully up-right with sleeves and dividers
  •     Anti-Scratch black matte laminate outer
  •     Magnetic full front flap lid
  •     Tray for rulebook and token storage
  •     6 Vertical Storage Card Channels (70mm width)

This box is HUGE. It weighs in at over 3kg when packed for delivery!

It DOES NOT fit in a Kallax unit - but we are looking at a smaller box for this.

It is designed to be stored on its base, NOT vertically.

There are lots of custom vinyls on Etsy that you can brand your box with or use a website such as Avery to make a custom one.

Please contact us if you want multiple Infinity boxes as a custom shipping quote will be required.

A burnt wood smell will be present when you first open your box, this is from the laser cutting process and should fade over time.

Please contact us if there isn't a shipping option for your country, prices vary wildly so we are more than happy to check for you and we will refund postage overages.

Our vertical dividers fit perfectly in this box. 

Any questions, just ask!

Sam Wetherden
raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

I've had the Infinity Box now for about 8 Months, and I can't say anything bad about it. It is currently being used for my Marvel Champions collection, and stores everything neatly and well organised. The magnetic lid gives it a premium feel, and the structure is solid which adds to the quality.

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