Core Box - Marvel United X-Men


This is the first Tesseract Games product I have bought, and this review is entirely impartial etc. I hope this isn’t too long to be displayed on the website. I bought the Vertical dividers and I am very pleased with them. They are a high quality card, a similar thickness to the game cards, more smooth and glossy than the game cards but they have no reason to match the feel of the game cards and this is not a problem to me at all. The dividers makes it very quick and easy to find the game cards you are looking for, and this is why I wanted them. I haven’t bothered to verify the action-type stats on the cards. For me the thing I am most pleased about is that they also DO (in my experience with Vertical dividers) fit in the X-Men Core box when laying down (as the game cards are normally stored). If you wish, the whole deck can then be stood up while setting up and playing and laid back down for storage, without any box lift or trimming of the dividers. Additionally, you could potentially fit approximately 6 more sets of heroes’ cards in there, or if you put all the tokens somewhere else and empty the middle slot in the tray a further 11 on top of the 6 I just mentioned (17 more total), I haven’t thoroughly tried this out though, just an estimate. Also I tried them in all of the various Uncanny Pledge expansions and this is what I found in terms of fitment when laying the deck down for storage with the dividers in place: First Class, Fantastic 4 & Phoenix 5 - Yes they fit, plus room for about 9 more sets of hero cards with dividers from a different expansion if you wish. Deadpool & XForce - Tight Fit. Tesseract Games acknowledge a manufacturing tolerance or 1-2mm, this could mean the difference between fitting and not (or needing a trim). With these expansions you would have room for about 10 more sets of hero cards from a different expansion but with a Very Tight Fit. Kickstarter Stretch Goals - some Tight Fit / some Very Tight Fit. These would also lift the cards enough to completely fill the space used to store the Villain Dashboards, so you’d need to store those somewhere else too, even with that there could be some box lift and some cards sliding around. Blue Team, Gold Team, Days OFP, THO Apocalypse- They would only fit with a major trim taking the vertical dividers down to about 4/5mm taller than the game cards. Also I believe Tesseract Games sell their own box if you wanted to store the cards more uniformly out of the expansion boxes. I haven’t seen or researched that product at all.

Tesseract Games

A 18 divider set containing all dividers required for the Marvel United X-Men Core box:


  • Cyclops
  • Wolverine
  • Professor X
  • Storm
  • Beast
  • Jean Grey
  • Magneto
  • Mystique


  • Magneto
  • Mystique
  • Juggernaut
  • Sabretooth


  • Challenge Cards
  • Mission Cards
  • Super Hero Cards
  • Super Villain Cards
  • Cerebro


Vertical Orientation: 98mm H* x 64mm W
They do not fit the original Core Box but do fit our own Infinity Box.

Horizontal Orientation: 74mm H* x 87mm W
They do not fit the original Core Box without causing some box lift, please check dimensions.

*please note there is a 1-2mm tolerance on the height of our dividers due to the way they are manufactured.


These products are a third party, unofficial game accessory. All trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Tesseract Games.

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For added protection you might want to sleeve your divider sets.

Vertical Orientation: 
We recommend Mayday Premium Gold 65mm x 100mm 

Horizontal Orientation: 
We recommend Mayday Premium Magnum Oversized Dungeon Sleeves but they will need trimming down in height from 112mm to 81mm. if you want to just protect the top of the divider Dragon Shield Clear Perfect Fit Side Loaders also work well.