EU Customer Orders

Please note that we are not set up with the EU IOSS System yet (Import One Stop Shop) and depending on costs (which seem to be quite high) may not be for some time. This means you will incur VAT charges (at your countries rate) on importation of an order made through this website and potentially additional processing charges depending on your country's rules. 

Whilst we will try to manually refund each order before shipment, we may occasionally forget. If you have received your order and you have not had a refund via your payment method, just get in touch via our contactform and give us a little nudge! 

Whilst we are not responsible for these additional charges we will refund your order by 20% before or just after shipment to help.

Alternatively you may wish to purchase our products from our Etsy store. Etsy is set up with the IOSS and so purchasing items through their website means you will not have to pay any additional charges upon the importation of your order (they are integrated in the sale on their website). However, our products are slightly more expensive on Etsy in order to cover their fees.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but hope you continue to shop with us in the future.