Galaxy's Most Wanted + Monthly Release Phase 3 - Marvel Champions

John Mauney

I love this set. I had previously purchased the core set dividers and was happy with them, but it was a fair amount of work cutting the cards to make them fit into the core set box (they came in a size slightly larger for other organizers). I was in for a nice surprise when I ordered this set. The designer has made improvements, which I wasn't expecting. I ordered the horizontal dividers. Previously you had to cut them at a certain point on the divider to the right size. Now they are perforated at the exact place you need to bend to remove the excess piece of card, making them almost immediately usable for someone who will be placing them in the core box, like me. I also have a set of Marvel Champion inserts from PRINTserts, and these cards are just the right size to allow the box to close, even with those organizers. This is my go-to for MC dividers!

Raul Garcia Garcia


Tesseract Games

The third divider set for our Marvel Champions divider product line contains everything you need to organise your collection from the Galaxy's Most Wanted Campaign Box to the end of Monthly Release Phase 3 (Star-Lord > Venom Hero Pack).


The Galaxy's Most Wanted

  • 18 Dividers: 
    • Galaxy's Most Wanted Campaign, The Market
    • Heroes - Groot, Rocket Racoon
    • Villains - Brotherhood of Badoon, Collector (Infiltrate the Museum), Collector (Escape the Museum), Nebula, Ronan the Accuser, 
    • Encounter Sets - Ship Command, Badoon Headhunter, Band of Badoon, Galactic Artifacts, Menagerie Medley, Power Stone, Kree Militants, Space Pirates

+ Monthly Release Phase 3

  • 4 dividers: 
    • Heroes Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Venom

For a small discount on buying all currently available sets together check out our "Heroic Bundle" sets.


Vertical Orientation: 101mm H* x 64mm W
They do not fit the original Marvel Champions box but do fit our own Infinity Box and many other 3rd party storage solutions.

Horizontal Orientation: 81mm H* x 87mm W
We include a perforated line on the Horizontal dividers which you can simply fold forward, backwards and then tear off (or follow with scissors) bringing the divider to a size more compatible with the main game boxes. This is incredibly easy to do. Don't worry too much about a clean edge as it won't be visible. If you have any issues send us a message and we’ll replace any dividers you accidentally mess up.

*please note there is a 1-2mm tolerance on the height of our dividers due to the way they are manufactured.


These products are a third party, unofficial game accessory. All trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Tesseract Games.

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If everything for a Campaign Box and set of Monthly Releases thereafter are officially announced in time we will aim to combine those dividers into one large set as we have done with this set. If that doesn't happen, we will split into 'Campaign' and 'Phase' sets detailed below;

A 'Campaign' set will include everything in a Campaign box.

A 'Phase' is defined as everything released between campaign boxes (the monthly releases). Once all content in a 'Phase' is announced/released we will create a set for that Phase.

We will then combine the two to make a set which has the campaign box and phase releases combined. We'll still keep the 'Phase' set available to buy so customers who bought the Campaign box set can complete their collection.

For added protection you might want to sleeve your divider sets.

Vertical Orientation: 
We recommend Mayday Premium Gold 65mm x 100mm 

Horizontal Orientation: 
We recommend Mayday Premium Magnum Oversized Dungeon Sleeves but they will need trimming down in height from 112mm to 81mm.