Gloomhaven - Small Cards Divider Set

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Tesseract Games

27 double-sided, gloss laminated, sturdy dividers covering the small cards from Gloomhaven and designed to help reduce set up time and get you playing more quickly.

  • Monster Action Cards
  • Player 1 Modifier Deck
  • Player 2 Modifier Deck
  • Player 3 Modifier Deck
  • Player 4 Modifier Deck
  • Player 5 Modifier Deck (for those who have larger party sizes)
  • Player 6 Modifier Deck (for those who have larger party sizes)
  • Player 1 Modifier Cards - Inactive
  • Player 2 Modifier Cards - Inactive
  • Player 3 Modifier Cards - Inactive
  • Player 4 Modifier Cards - Inactive
  • Player 5 Modifier Cards - Inactive (for those who have larger party sizes)
  • Player 6 Modifier Cards - Inactive (for those who have larger party sizes)
  • Monster Curse Modifiers
  • Player Curse Modifiers
  • Bless Modifiers
  • -1 Attack Modifiers
  • Battle Goals
  • Battle Goals (Seen)
  • Random Scenario Cards
  • Items - Craftable - Available
  • Items - Craftable - Unavailable
  • Items - Purchasable - Available
  • Items - Purchasable - Unavailable
  • Random Items
  • Random Item Blueprints
  • Solo Scenario Items

    1 blank divider

Where applicable there are some title variations and alternative formatting on the reverse side of the dividers (check the images).

'Inactive' Dividers
When you upgrade or replace attack modifier deck cards, place the discarded/unused ones behind these dividers. You can also keep any modifier card that you have yet to unlock here.

'Seen' Dividers
Some people like to see all the Events in the deck during a campaign so when you have resolved an Event, use the ‘Seen’ dividers to store those cards ‘aside’ until you have gone through the main stack. Then when you have depleted the main draw stack, reshuffle the cards behind the ‘Seen’ divider all together again and put them all back behind the main Events divider. This way, you avoid repeating the same events in a short period of time and get to see a new event each time you draw one. This is of course entirely optional.


Vertical Orientation: 74mm H* x 43mm W
Horizontal Orientation: 51mm H* x 64mm W

*please note there is a 1-2mm tolerance on the height of our dividers due to the way they are manufactured.


These products are a third party, unofficial game accessory. All trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Tesseract Games.

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